Saturday, July 09, 2005


What is the Opposite of Vandalism?

I like to think of it as the removal of unattractive objects seen on public property.

This is another little tid-bit from last weekend, by the way.
Jere, Pat, Kim & I exited the stadium last Saturday, We parted ways with Kim as we were headed in opposite directions toward our cars. So Jere, Pat & I were milling down Landsdowne Street with hundreds of other sox fans and a few unwise individuals trying to drive their vehicles down the road. First let me say that I don't know why anyone would do that immediately after a game ends at Fenway. But to do that with a yankees symbol on your fancy SUV, well I'd say that's just asking for it, wouldn't you?
I was very upset with myself for not taking a picture of the back of this vehicle, still with the little stcky things on it, as proof of where I got it from. In retrospect, I suppose I'm a lot better off that way. After all, there were hundreds of sox fans on Landsdowne and at least a few SUV's trying to get through, and although I would be shocked to find out that more than one of them had a yankees arachnoid stuck to them, it is possible, and I certainly didn't do anything that any other self-respecting red sox fan might have done, and of course there were hundreds of us present, perhaps even thousands who had access to the arachnoid(s) stuck to the back of the SUV(s). So if you're reading this, and you think perhaps it was your SUV that this unnattractive item was removed from... A) if you are a yank fan, what are you doing on a blog called "Reb Sox" ? B) you'll never prove it was me, and C) there are others who might have done much worse, had they seen it. Perhaps you ought to thank me for removing you from possible grave danger.
Oh and by the way, even though this is a related event to my vandalism post, I can't name it "Adventures of Reb & Jere" because for the record, Jere wanted nothing to do with this. I know a lot of you yankee fans read Jere's blog for some absurd reason, so don't get down on him for it; this was ALL ME.

Edit: Jere has e-mailed me to point out the the truck was not public property. Well of course the truck was private property, but I was most certainly on public property when all this occurred, which is what I meant. I really don't know why he has such a big problem with this. It's a stupid plastic arachnid, for chrissakes. It's not like it's actually worth anything. It's not like I actually damaged the car in any way, in fact I most likely saved it from damage. Can you imagine what some drunk college kids might have done, had they seen that? I think a few swift kicks would've had a lot more impact on the value of this "private property" than my silly little prank.

I am appalled that you removed this symbol of hatred from someone else's vehicle. It's just not right. Next time take the whole car.......Peter N.
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