Friday, July 15, 2005


One game does not a season make

But there's been some pretty awful ones lately; string enough of them together, and the season starts to look pretty grim, even while still in first place.

What was more depressing:
Curt giving up 2 runs in his first 2 batters of relief OR
the batter that did it to him?

I walked back into the room and saw the look on Curt's face, then prince purple-lips pulling into home. I heard my bro-in-law taunting me in my head. Before this year, I never imagined it was possible for yankee fans to be any nastier to red sox fans. I guess I never thought about how they would feel about losing. They've talked so much smack over the years, finally being put in their place has made them angry, defensive individuals. A few weeks ago my sister said to me, "you know what the problem is with you, rebecca? you are the kind of fan who is nasty about other people's teams." I didn't know quite what to say. Because I'm not nasty about "other people's teams." I'm nasty about HER team. And not as nasty as she has been over the years. And not even a fraction of as nasty as her husband is. But I'm used to being the underdog, so when the yanks were losing their shirts earlier this year, and king georgie was losing his mind, and my sister & her husband were discussing personnel firings and trade options every night, I didn't talk smack; all I did was snicker. That's what I got accused of being "nasty" for. But now I've gotta hear smack. Bullshit high-and-mighty proclamations and grand declarations of superiority. Meanwhile there is no mention of their rotation (in shambles,) the fact that this is a four game series, or the fact that we are in the middle of a 162-game season. A long season of which they are accustomed to being up by five or more games by this time, and just now beginning to pay attention to. I will not mention it either. I'd rather they be surprised. After all, a month or so ago it was "no one's gonna catch the O's this year; they're on FIRE."

Anyway, the homer off Curt didn't bother me that much. It might've been a nice wake-up call for the type of grit it takes to work out of the bullpen. I was pleased to see him bear down and pull more out of himself after that. I was NOT pleased to see our boys fooled so badly by MO in the bottom of the ninth. Have they forgotton his trickeries? Remind them, Papa Jack, 'cause next time I see MO I want to see his face in anguish.

Honestly, what pissed me off the most last night was the longball by Sheffield. I used to dislike him, but now I hold him in such utter contempt that I can barely stand the sight of him even while he's striking out. "Sportsmanship" and "the love of the game" are not concepts he understands. My client Mark told me yesterday that Gary Sheffield is one of his grandson's favorite players. Does this man realize he is supposed to be a role model? Poor little Jeremy Goldstein is only six years old; he ought not be exposed to evil the likes of "I play for my paycheck" Gary.

And so we move on, as quickly as possible, and hope for more innings tonight like the first, and less like the ninth. We pray that Boomer has something to prove to his ex-cohorts tonight, and we wonder who the hell is this dude Tim Redding, and is it even possible to raise his ERA before they pull him from the game? We're sad that reb has no time to figure his BpB and PoP stats. Well at least I am sad about that. Were it not for the anti-ergonomics of reb's desk, we could have a whole spreadsheet on yankees pitching to look at today, which would surely make us feel a whole lot better. oh well, we shall have to rely on Boomer then (sorry to let you all down).

Tonight I will be watching the game on NESN, in the pleasant company of Jere and his parents. At worst, it will still better than hearing the game commentary of the insufferable Michael Kay. But I am 2-0 at Jere's parents' place this season, so I'm feeling pretty good about tonight. Boys, it's time to turn the beat around.

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