Tuesday, July 19, 2005


more crumbs

You probably read from Jere that there was no BP on Saturday. I guess 11 am is pretty early for our boys. But some things they can't get out of, like long toss. Jere, the good witch, Pat & I watched our pen and a few starters play catch for awhile.

You would think Bronson would be practicing his guitar on Saturday morning, but thankfully he felt it was important to take care of his arm, too. There is quite a delay on my camera between pressing the button and actually snapping the picture, so I'm incredibly lucky to have caught an action shot like this one.

And here, as you can see, Bronson is clearly looking at me and offering the ball. Well, not really. At least, if he was, I certainly didn't notice at the time. So it was a nice little surprise when I zoomed in on the pic.

So, once again, gotta go. One of the many, many reasons I am limited to such short stints right now is that I am currently watching my neice, Ellie-boom. And while she is currently absolutely captivated by the last scene of Annie, I hear the closing notes as I am typing this, and soon will need to entertain the little angel again.

Ah, yes, she is looking at me, and reaching out her hand now. More crumbs later. (in case you haven't figured out, they will eventually lead to the Hot Stove, Cool Music show. And no, I have no idea what that typewriter-thing and shelf was all about. To be honest, I didn't even notice. Jere is amazing.)

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