Monday, July 18, 2005



Ack! Our sox have been stinkin' up the homestead lately. Terribly sad, and depressing, too. Even Johnny *sniff* has finally succumbed to the general suckitude. (We really thought you were going to break the record, Johnny.) Well I don't know what to say about tonight's utter failure, and don't have time anyway. But I've left you hangin' long enough, here's the only pic I have, apparently, of me in my pink shirt:
Isn't it amazing how SHINY my face is? I wish it were a better shot of my skirt, which rocks (I wish I could wear it every day.) But at least Pat caught almost half of Jere, and my friends Lori & Christin in the backround talking to the dad of the super-nice family from Savannah, Georgia. More on them later. And also some about other not-so-nice people in our area. But for now I must go. Yes, I'm lame, but I told you these were merely crumbs.

My face is shiny, too! I got T-Zone issues, dude.

I don't remember half of me posing for a picture. Maybe that's why I'm looking down.

*throws small sticks*

I like, you are as much a geek as me, you get a free pass. But only because I "know" you, mind. If I didn't and saw you in the stands, I would totally judge you harshly from afar. :)
yes, well, still it was evil of me to taunt you, sam...
Your face is glowing rather than shiny. It must have something to do with the heat (or my vision)...Half of Jere is better than no Jere(I think).
I am only allowing you to wear that pink shirt if it's with a cute skirt like that. Pink is bad I need to send you some other clothes? ;)

I still love you
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