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the infamous Drinkwater

Edit 5/14/09
Yes, I DO know this guy is NOT Drinkwater.
If you want to know who this guy is, read the whole post.  This is just the guy my friend Jere thought was Drinkwater.  He referred to him as Drinkwater many many times on his blog.  I am writing this edit ON THE TOP in BIG LETTERS because it's been years since I've even written on this blog, yet every once in awhile some jerk comes along and insults me in the comment thread for a mistake that's not even really mine, that I have thoroughly corrected later in the post.  Please read the whole post before bothering to call me a "dunderhead" or "idiot" PLEASE.  Or, if you're looking to jack-off to a pic of the Giant Glass Robert Redford look-alike, go back to google... rebsox is not displaying one here. 

So there's this guy that jere's been picking out in the crowd at Fenway for quite awhile now. We were walking past the spot where players drive their cars up to (apparently) and all of a sudden jere's chanting "Drinkwater" in my ear. I had no idea what he was talking about. "you gotta take a picture" he tells me. "Behind me. take a picture with me in it." um, ok.
So apparently Drinkwater owns Giant glass and he comes to every game. The good witch mentioned how impressed she was that we could pick him out. We were VERY far away, and it was not at all easy... but he always sits right behind one of those signs behind home plate. I had taken this picture earlier, and I knew exactly what tiny speck of color I was looking for: maroon.
I offered, just for the record, to try and get another picture of Drinkwater... one that maybe showed his face or something, but no, jere said this one was gold.

Edit: We have learned that this dude is not the real drinkwater. So now we don't even have a name for the guy Jere has been watching all this time. He's obviously somewhat important, as we saw him milling around with players on the field that day. If we are ever that close again, I will ask him. But in the meantime, if anyone knows who this guy is, please TELL... oh and thanks Edmund, for clueing us in here.

Edit:This guy is Jeremy Kapstein, senior advisor of baseball projects for the sox. This post is unbelievably popular. Random people show up here every day to view a fake pic of drinkwater. What's the fascination, people?

Rummaging through his man purse like that, he looks like a heavier Benny Hill.
I'm pretty sure that isn't Drinkwater owner of Giant glass. Check out the comments over at jere's blog.
This is Drinkwater. He is known to hundreds of us as "Redford", not "Springer" (as he looks like Robert Redford).
-Wait. Do I have enough pads for the game??-

I came to this site because I'd seen Springer on TV and thought he was the Giant Glass guy. And even though I'm sure NESN panned to him last year, mentioning his name, I still had to come to this site and get undeniable verification. I had told too many people to just 'Shut up' because I was sure he was the Giants Glass guy. Then I click on a link to get here and you have the bloated Kapstein captioned as Drinkwater. Now I had seen Jeremy MANY times and dismissed him as Dennis, the owner of a successful yet lamely named glass service. You know, your site almost made me rip a head off. However, I see I was indeed right and for some reason had to stumble upon the one website that was as doubtfull as I.
I know Dennis Drinkwater and that certainly is not him! Wake up you dunderhead!
I was at a game last year and while on my way to the "little girls room" I ran into "blue man"--that's what my kids and I call him because he always seems like he's wearing blue. Anyway, I stopped him and asked him if he was the man behind home plate and he said yes. He was very nice, took the time to talk to me and I even have a picture of the two of us that I brought back to the seats to show my kids. The guard that took our picture told me who he was and how generous a guy he was--how he gives up his seats for charity, etc. I emailed him that evening because I was so impressed with him giving me--"a nobody" the time of day. I still have the picture.
I'm the one who met him on the way to the "little girls' room" and I forgot to mention that when I was talking to him, I asked him if he had once sat with Robert Redford (because I saw that game) and he said yes. I originally thought they were brothers.
Drinkwater & Kapstein. Because they are so obvious behind home plate, and you see them so much, we've been affectionately referring to them as "Robert Redford" and "Walter Mathau".

I made a website with pics and a background on him. Check it out.
That's not Drinkwater you idiot! I grew up with the guy
Well, I'm very relieved to find out that I'm NOT the only nut obsessed with this due!!!!!
I don't care what his name is anymore!!!!!!:)
We have always just called them "Bob" & the "professor"

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