Monday, January 22, 2007


A Healthy Helping of Crow Pie

Ok, so I was wrong. I don't mind saying so. After all, I have a blog so I can voice my opinion, and I guess that's what I deserve for not blogging in over two months.

I'm actually stunned, but perhaps no less than last week when our boys in blue beat the Chargers. What's most shocking to me is how outdone Master Bill was in the halftime adjustments... almost as if Tony Dungy had a video feed from their locker room and knew exactly what to expect. Or the flu bug finally hit B.B. and the great brain wasn't functioning during the game. Getting the better of Bill Belichick from halftime adjustments is something you'd never expect... something I've seen only a few times over the past six years, and not in the playoffs.

Of the worst aspects of being knocked off at this point is that I believe one of our coordinators may now be considered for a head coaching position. Aye, here we go again. One can only hope the young Josh McDaniels can see the value in two or three more years under B.B.'s tuteledge... or at least the dangers of working for the notorious Al Davis.

And so we tip our cap to Peyton Manning, hoping he can finally win the big game and quiet the whiney voices of his fans (who were really starting to get on my nerves.) The bro-in-law, who was posing in a pats shirt last night, declared it "the end of an era" as the colts walked into the endzone with a minute left. Readers of this blog already know that the bro-in-law is prone to spew diarrhea and cannot be taken seriously. Our boys in blue proved once again this season that as long as the two-headed beast of Brady and Belichick are at the helm of this team, you cannot count them out of contention. As we turn our heads now to the upcoming college draft, Scott Pioli's quick and no-nonsense rebuff of the Giants organization's advances grounds our expectation of excellence for the forseeable future.

Hey Reb. Tough game, tough ending for the season. The Pats were rolling. It was rough seeing that lead evaporate so quickly.

The Pats had a great season, even if it came up short this time. Nothing to be ashamed of in Patriots Nation and they will contend again next year.

Rebecca, this is Manning's year. I think. And now, on Feb. 1, it might be my (your readers) year if we hear from you more often. Stay well, be happy, and all that. Miss'n you and your tales! P*
Relax, Reb:

Red Sox on Horizon!
What have you been up to? I miss you!
3/21/07 - I MISS YOU REB ... Please come back ... please .................... :)
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