Thursday, October 26, 2006


Gripes from Gary

Poor, poor Gary. Nothing ever seems to go right for him. He spent a great deal of time this spring belly-aching over how Cashman had better pick up his option for next year, and it's finally been done. The nerve of those Yankees, insisting on paying mr. nasty $13 million next year. Imagine that.

"This will not work, this will not work at all," Sheffield told the newspaper. "I don't want to play first base a year for them. I will not do that."

I'm sure sheff will have no problem banking the $13 million, and he maintains his commitment to uphold his contract with the effort and attitude consistant to his level of approval for the task and uniform involved. "...there's going to be a problem," promises Sheffield.

Beat Peter to the comment board!

Welcome back, Reb. I had heard they were gonna pick up the option to keep him from going to the Mets or Sox. Now it's official. Whatever. Keep the zoo zoo-like. I LOVE how he calls his own team "they" and "them."

PS I think the word verification market bubble has burst. I turned mine off almost a month ago, and have gotten no spam since. I take it you get less hits than me, since you never post, so I'd say feel free to turn yours off. It's your call.
And yes, ya beat me by 4 days. Rebecca, I hope all is well in this rapidly approaching fall. We miss your posts. So much. At least I do. Stay well, and if you're on the way to wedding bliss, please let us know. As always, I wish you the best. Always....Peter
P.S. I'm catching up to you on the site meter. And you know what? Before I started my soon to be one year old blog (Nov.'05), you told me in no uncertain terms that I'd be surprised at how popular the blog might become. For that, Reb, I thank you. You were so right! Happiness forever, Peter. Hey Jere....
The "They & Them" Yankees will say good bye to postseason this year, either in 3 Games or NOT be there at all:

All those Whiny Arrivistas in The Toilet, will find another place to piss & moan in.
Reb-ster ... I miss ya ... the last time you posted was my birthday ! That was 21 days ago !

Hope you are well ...

~ Novy

Oh, you poor baby!


Miss Ya a whole lot!
As we all do...........and now? Would you believe November 21st? Hope all is well Rebecca!!!
Come by my blog:

You won't believe the changes there.
12/28/06 .... Reb ... can you hear me ????
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