Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Beauty in the Bronx

It was the type of game that lends us all a good night of sleep in Red Sox Nation. I must admit, I nearly dozed off before it was over, but long after most of the yankee fans in my area had reached for the clicker and kicked the tv in frustration. I'm a peaceful person myself, but I must admit smirking with guilty pleasure as the normally classy and easy-going pinstriped DH Bernie Williams was booted for tossing his equipment after a called strike three.

I hate to admit it, but the skankee lineup is re-defining intimidation this year, which, added to our own lack of run production through the first month of the season, does not leave a lot to look forward to in these match-ups. When Giambi went yard in the first, Beckett clearly laboring and being forced to throw a lot of pitches early on, I thought to myself "oh, boy. here we go..." And there we went, indeed, but in a far better direction than I expected.

"I think [Beckett] got more competitive, if that's possible with him," said Red Sox second baseman Mark Loretta. "At that point, you could see him turn it up to an even higher notch. He took it to a new level. His location was fantastic tonight. He rarely threw a fastball over the middle of the plate."

It was pretty much smooth-sailin' from there, with a few minor defensive gaffes from the homeboys to help us along the way. Fresh from the minors, Melky Cabrera flubbed a pop-up which allowed two runs- and our dear prince purple-lips showed off why playing in the field makes him "most valuable" - er, to us, that is. (to be fair, a-rod is normally an excellent fielder... as is Edgah Rentaria, or so we've been told.) The skanker-site would have you believe that these errors led to their loss, but the real difference in the game was pitching, as inferred in the article: "Beckett looked shaky in the first, but it was Johnson who fell apart..." Our new yankee-killer has lived up to his billing, at least in the first match-up.

As good as we feel about Josh Beckett's future in red coming out of this game, it's the rubber ramifications in pinstripes that really piques the interest of baseball analysts. They may be living up to their nickname "bombers" in the Bronx, but poor pitching can only get a run-scoring machine so far, as we found out first-hand in Boston last year. The shriveling of the "Unit" is just one facet of many mound issues surfacing at the toilet also known as Yankee Stadium. Tonight we see the Moose, who's off to a scary-solid start this year, but all that could change in a matter of moment with just a tweak of an elbow...

(I know ya'll are waiting anxiously for pics from the weekend. Blogger was a little bitch yesterday and would not allow me to upload them. I'm workin' on it.)

I had a Wonderful Honour, this evening, Reb:

I met you & Jere.

The worst part of tonight was GiamBALCO's & A-Diva's Homers & the Ejection Parties along the Left Field line.
I loved that Melky "bounced out of my glove" play. It was just like watching neighborhood softball.
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