Friday, October 07, 2005


So what will we do now?

Hmph. By "do it again", by the way, I did not mean *ground out to end your team's playoff bid, Edgah* Urgh. My first playoff tickets, and they're worthless. Really, I didn't expect it all this year, but just one win would've been nice, just so I could use those tickets...

So the season's over. At least this gives the front office plenty of time to work that contract stuff out with theo and josh byrnes... always lookin' on the bright side here at reb sox, that's what we do, even when we want to run up and down the halls in a mad rage, kicking the cat and screaming at whomever thinks this is an appropriate time to be laughing and having casual conversation in the living room. No, we must take a deep breath and think of all the things we just won't have to worry about for awhile... like the utter suckitude of our bullpen, and the failure of our "dangerous lineup" to come through when it really counts... no, we won't have to worry about those things until April.

Things we will have to worry about:

I'm sure there's lots of other stuff to worry about, too. My brain can't even wrap around the issue of the coming months. I'm gonna go drive to NH in the pouring rain right now; Surely that will be therapeutic.

So long, 2005 Red Sox, and good luck you other sox fans. You've got a great team, and I think this could be your year.

It's always easier when you know you lost to a superior team. The pitching staffs are as unequal as you can get. I saw everything until the 9th, and when the final result was known, Bruce, on his way to the piano, said to the crowd he was here to make all the Red Sox fans feel a little better, to soothe their unhappiness. He said it with a l bit of a Yankee grin, but he meant it. So long '05 Sox. Upper management never gave you a chance.
Damn. Sorry about those tickets. You know I was really hoping to see you get to use them.

Although I am bummed, I have to say, I am not feeling all that bad, unlike previous years when it actually hurt after the Sox lost the last game of the year. Winning a World Series will do that for ya I guess!

In Theo We Trust

peter*, glad you had that springsteen concert to lift you up right away... I was thinking about that as I drove through Hartford.

mr.blackn'white, the thing about our recent success in boston and foxboro... not only do we have the feeling to look back on, but we also know what a championship team looks like... and what it doesn't look like. Knowing the team just didn't have it this year makes it almost a relief to see them out of it, at least for me.
This Year, in watching on NESN, FOX, TV 38, & YES, was a confusing jumble, held together by spit & scotch tape.

@ least we rooted for a team, which did NOT inject itself, full of enhancers.
Neat new banner.

layout comment: It's a lot wider than the old one. With the browser width I usually read blogs at, the banner says: "REB S loves football in f."
yeah, I know there's a layout problem. Sounds like you're viewing at low resolution. half of my readers are viewing at hi resolution. so only a minority gets to see it all pretty-like right now. So there's a few things I need to do to fix this problem, and I'll get around to it soon. or soon-ish, as I'm not exactly genious with this technical stuff.
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I think it is also a very nice banner. And I get to see it in HIGH resolution, which is not a comment on my mental state. However, I would really like an update on the faux shui aspects of your life, as since the Red Sox have moved on to 2006, regular little tidbits of info would be nice. BTW, I was in Boston this weekend, and was pleased to be able to bring home a pink Red Sox T-Shirt for Katie to torment her brother with.
Hi Reb,

Cool banner! Not sure if you know this already, so forgive me if you do. If you resize the banner so it's less than 800 pixels wide, the majority of your readers should be all set. (As an example, the banner on my site is 770 pixels wide, just to be safe).

Hope that helps!

thanks for trying to help. I am pretty hopeless in these matters, to be honest, but I did know that stuff about the size... it's just the positioning that's driving me bonkers. I'll get it fixed, but it may take a day or so.
Just got back home. I wasn't that mad at Tito, I saved it all for Edgar. Now I'm totally happy again because the yanks lost.
If you put the < center > tags around your image code, that should make it work.

(Note to take out the spaces that I used above)

If you get rid of the div id=header code, it will get rid of that yellow border as well unless you like it, then leave it in! ;-)
The resized banner looks nice.
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