Friday, October 07, 2005


10,000 Served

We here at reb sox would like to thank you for your patronage. Today we celebrate a milestone in our own itsy-bitsy slice-of-the-world-wide-web kind of way. Sure, plenty of websites get ten thousand hits every day, but we are not dishing out porn here, so we have somewhat lower expectations.

Many thanks to some of you, who have become my friends over this haul of a baseball season, who send people here every day. I would especially like to thank jere, who inspired me to blog in the first place, and has inspired or enabled many, oh jeez, maybe even ALL of the fun stuff I've been able to put up here... the silly hotel-sidewalk stuff and even my banner would not exist were it not for this guy. Even without all that stuff, he's a great writer who gives us lots to think and laugh about every day, and has been a great friend to me so ya'll should give him props, eh?

Special thanks to a couple of new links this week, Surviving Grady and some blog I don't even know the name of because I can't read Japanese (and no thanks to blogger, who, despite being generally fabulous and free, was off-line for hours the other night without warning... er, but thanks blogger, anyway, since you're so free and easy to use, and reb sox would not even exist without you). Because of you, we have reached this goal even earlier than was predicted when we saw it creeping up last week.

Also some thanks should go to my sis and her husband, yankee fans, who for the most part have dealt with my poking fun at them here and there throughout the season in good humor. I may despise their team, but I sure do love them, and I hope they realize that those silly stories were told in the spirit of our crazy rivalry, not to make them specifically look foolish or anything.

Finally I thank my visitor number ten-thousand, who's server logged in from Nashua, NH, referred by this person's bloglines feed. This may or may not have any relation to where my reader is actually located, by the way. So where ever you REALLY are, I wish I had a cool door prize for you like those mini Stanley cups they gave away at the Bruins game the other night, but I suppose I can't give you a real physical object anyway, so you'll just have to accept my good vibes. Call it a virtual hug and bask in my deep affection.

And most of my thanks must go to our boys wearing the home whites today. Without the love nearing obsession that I and most of my readers carry for our team, no way would people trouble themselves to read my drivel every day.

The love goes both ways, Reb. And this sounds way too much like your retirement Red Sox post. 2 more games to go for this series.
Baby we were born to run.
springsteen mojo, baby!

no retirement for me, peter*! This is a celebration. I have faith that it's a good sign.
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