Sunday, October 16, 2005


I HATE Mile High Stadium

ok, I've never actually been there. I've never even been to Colorado. But I visit in spirit nearly every year, and it's not usually all that fun. I know that there's a system to determine who-plays-who-and-where every year, and this system is set up for even distribution over every four years. What I can't quite wrap my brain around is how the HELL our boys end up at Heinz field AND Mile High Stadium AT LEAST every other year.

The Broncos, historically, OWN US. Especially in Denver. No matter how pathetic the team is, I'm always nervous going in there. And our esteemed Sir Bill, who often gains the edge with his game-planning, implies he is matched up pretty well in that area by Shanahan. The fact that it will be a tough game for the Patriots is a lock, as certain as Denver's "insert running back, gain 1,000 yards" rule. All we can hope for is to give them a tough game back.

Meanwhile, the team lost yet another defensive back this week for the season, as cornerback Chad Scott was placed on Injured Reserve. They are dropping like flies, people.

I still vote for the razing of Heinz Field. Nothing good comes from that hellhole.
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