Tuesday, October 11, 2005


and now we use the MLB playoffs to predict... the outcome of the NFL playoffs

As if I didn't beat analogies to a bloody pulp already earlier today, we're going to bring up another one here at reb sox. I'm sure you've heard it already: The 2005 Patriots are to the 2004 Patriots, just as the 2005 Red Sox are to the 2004 Red Sox. Do they mean a team striving to defend a championship? Oh, no. They are referring to a suspect defense due to injuries and personnel changes. It's a fair comparison, I guess, but I didn't like how smug those announcers looked while talking about it. I heard this from three different broadcast teams on Sunday, and each guy who said it looked incredibly pleased with himself, as if it had taken some brilliant flash of genius to make that connection.

Mind you, this is the fifth of a seventeen week season. But these guys are going out on a limb to virtually guarantee the country that the Patriots will not win AGAIN this season. And beaming, even glowing while telling us about it.

They certainly have a point about our defense not looking so hot. Perhaps they didn't notice, but the defense was not that great last year, either. I'm not saying that there is no problem - heh. If I ever claim that, just strap me down and make me watch that game against Carolina. Yeah, we've got issues. We also have a complex defense, one that is not fully installed by this point in the year. And we're missing some pro-bowlers, yada yada, but we in New England are used to our pro-blowlers dropping like flies, and if we have to go to Pittsburgh we pretty much expect it by now.

Anyway, we get it. People are sick and tired of the trophy parades in Boston. Hell, I'm not sure we would know what to do with another one. Still when I see the pats getting "disrepected" this early in the season I can't help but smile. They eat this stuff up. For us, it's been one helluva ride, these past two years, and with all the recent turnover we all but expect a rebuilding year of sorts - but don't tell these guys. Bill finds a way to keep them hungry. It's way too early to count them out.

I think The Pats will be ok. Considering the injuries and everything else that has happened with the team, I honestly don't think things are in that bad a shape.

We are 3-2 after playing one of the most difficult 5 game stretches like, ever in the history of the NFL. When you consider that we've done it with all the injuries, 2 brand new linebackers, 2 rookie O-Linemen and a decimated backfield, our record is not that bad.

I think as the season continues and the new guys come up to speed, you will see things get better on D.

This Denver game is going to be tough but after this weeks game, we'll get a break and then it's time to do some damage in the wide open AFC East.
They must have so much confidence. When teams start taking them for granted or forget that they are THE PATS, routs will happen. With 50% of my Red Sox enthusiism, GO PATS. 75% Sox fan, 50% Pats fan. Yeah, the math works in this case. I'm a nut, as some of you know, but a lovable one.
I was glad to see we still had the spark for our classic game-winning kick... or there would have been more analogies. I am looking forward to seeing how things shape up -
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