Friday, September 09, 2005


The Arachnid Suckitude

I don't even have to write about how much the yanks suck today. Because A Yank blogger has done that for me.

Oh but he forgot to mention: The contemptible Gary Sheffield does indeed have a problem with his hammy which held him out last night. I hope he's in tonight. This thing's going to bother him and surreptitiously affect his play for the next three weeks. And then of course, he will have a long vacation.

So much cockiness considering your team with its great offense lost to Aaron Small tonight.
did you read the link, "anonymous"? Yes, I've heard the sox have a great offense. I've heard they lead the league in runs scored and blah, blah, blah. I have never claimed this. All I have claimed here is that Gary Sheffield is contemptible, which is pretty common knowledge, and that I don't think the yanks will make the playoffs, which is also a fairly widely held belief. I'm not even claiming the sox will win this series (although I think they will) but I will go out on a limb and "cockily" state that the yanks will not sweep the series.

If you really think that was cocky, you've never interacted with a yank fan... or more likely you ARE one, and therefore are unable to see the long history of five-times-as-cocky-as-this with a large sprinkling of insults-and-entitlement haughtily displayed by yourself and other yank fans for the last ten years.
That entity, if not a Yankee fan, is just as vile as one. peter*
And we have some guy named Schilling back to rock n roll our beloved Sox. Yankee killer Wakey against bones- a- bursting RJ be continued.
And no Yankee fan can be as quick-witted and skillful with words as our Reb-not even close.
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