Thursday, September 08, 2005



It's been nearly twenty years since I became a full-fledged Patriots fan. My first football memory, however, came five years earlier. I was five years old, living in the LA area, where my father could rarely catch his Pats. So he taught me what he could: to HATE the Raiders.

It's been hard to rev myself up for football this year. But in just a few minutes I will be ready to rumble. Because deeper than my hatred of the yanks, deeper than my love of the sox, or my love of the pats, deep deep down in my soul, I desire to see the raider fans suffer, to see Al Davis scream, to see the Raiders lose.

Edit: Nose Tackle on horse trailer. Take a picture, folks, you won't see that happen again in your lifetime. And, reminiscent of the Superbowl MVP, they talk about how Tom Brady would be deserving if he hadn't already won it so many damn times.

Your father is a wise man.

I hate the Raiders, too, but just worry about them in November. We need you now!
I was paying very close attention to the game, jere. but it's over. It wasn't me who flaked out, it was pet-a-genie. but we still go into NY four games up. 'Cause Wang is superb. and gary-the-schmuck is banged up with the ideal nagging playable injury. don't worry gary, you'll have plenty of days off in just a few weeks.
Randy Moss. Just one more reason to fuel the hatred.

Raider fans need to get a clue. Wearing leather and spiked dog collars doesn't make you a tough biker dude, especially that close to San Francisco, not that there's anything wrong with that.
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