Thursday, September 08, 2005



In honor of two of my internet friends - one real, one quite mystical - Jere & Sam

Celebrating a combined half-century of devoted and unwavering Red Sox support.
(Just ignore that bright orange tigers hat on Sam's head; she really is a very loyal red sox fan.)

So Jere's not real??
I can confirm that he is real. Other people can confirm that Sam is real, including jere, if you want to just take their word for it.
Peter, terrible job, look at the order: "one real, one quite mystical," then "Jere & Sam."

I'm clearly in the first and "real" position.
Mystical---imaginary---maybe? peter*
*floats mystically by*

That is a glorious logo, Rebecca. Thanks ever so much. I shall mystically and mysteriously waft 20-year-old-grins your general direction.
yes, well, my version of a card, since I don't have an actual address to send it to. And you have to share, since I only have one, and it took two and a half red sox games to complete. But I'm sure it doesn't bring you as much joy as all those pretty pics on SG.
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