Friday, September 02, 2005


Quotes from last night

Olderdude: (to media) "I was really just trying to get a sacrifice fly to get that run in, and I just got a pitch that I hit real well and it ended up being better than a sacrifice fly." (to Millar) "Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you."

Randall Gay: "Am I the only one out here on the field who knows what defense we're running?"

The insufferable Micheal Kay: "ow, that one had to hurt." (actual quote after Jaret Wright was hit by the ball on the collarbone. x-rays are negative but yanks are unsure if he will make his next start.)

Lou Piniella: "I've heard enough 'Sweet Caroline.'" (actual quote from

Ramiro Mendoza: (to media) "I felt good today, I just made a bad pitch on the home run," Mendoza said. "I wanted it more inside, but it stayed [in the middle]." (to theo) "yep, I did it just like you told me, boss. Alan's been doing a great job for you here, but they take him out too quick to make a big impact. Hopefully we get more back-to-back appearances."

KY: "Hello? Tito? I'm available, you know. Theo didn't call me up here to play scrabble." *pulls out fifth wedgie he has received since entering the clubhouse 45 minutes prior* "I just don't want to get hurt. Last time I was up here I got a splinter from that damn bench and I couldn't run straight for a week."

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