Thursday, September 01, 2005


Doesn't take much

During the game, NESN showed a clip of Theo. He seemed to be responding to questions (complaints) regarding our pathetic excuse for a bullpen. "We've got the 3rd best record in baseball," says the best GM in the history of time. Always lookin' on the bright-side, he is, albeit in monotone. I had to look it up... not that I doubt theo, mind you, I just can't believe, with all the games we've dropped by pure rotten luck, that our record is up there. Indeed it is. Of course, the best record is held by St. Louis (again?) with seven more wins and five fewer losses, and there's lots of clubs with just 2 or three fewer wins than the sox, but still it's nice to be up there.

The last two games have done wonders for my mindset as a sox fan. Obviously I'm still concerned about the pen, but come-back wins always help the morale. Last night it wasn't just what we scored, but how we scored it. Certain players have not quite been pulling their weight this year, if you know what I mean.

Millar has had a lot of bad luck this year, in my opinion. Sure, he hasn't been hitting that well but I've also seen him robbed of some big ones. There was no chance of that last night, though, and it was the difference in the game. There's been a lot of games we could have won this year with Millar hitting... it's been depressing to watch him change his hair every two weeks looking for his stride. Well Kev, this would be a fabulous time to find it - although I'm not sure I'm thrilled about seeing that particular hairstyle for the rest of the season. And knowing Kev, Curt is just the beginning. By October first the dugout might be a sea of bright yellow hair. ick. Well if you must...

Dougie has induced groans from me all season as he approaches the plate. When Tito sent him out to pinch hit recently I was screaming at the video feed on my computer. So on his longball last night I've just gotta say 'bout f---in' time. His stolen base, however, now that had me on the floor. How funny was that? Seeing these two guys make key contributions last night buoyed my opinion of our lineup by quite a bit, which really takes the sting off the mound issues we have.

Over on the west coast, Seattle was not especially helpful to us last night. Timmy has tied the shriveled unit's first place in homers allowed, and I expected Randy to regain full ownership of that title. And really, one well-placed swing would've gained us a game last night... what a shame.

In other news, d-lowe might be back. As in, back to the lights-out guy he ought to be. How does it take so damn long to figure something like this out?.

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It was just announced that Bruce Springsteen and his accoustic tour will stop in Hartford, and on a Friday night to boot. Oct. 7th...if any Soxbloggers will be in town, let me know, although it might be on a night the Sox are playing. I've done 2 things at the same time once or twice.
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