Tuesday, August 30, 2005


So much for our long-awaited Ace...

Pitching woes continued:

And this ball is hit high in the air... and it is off the wall. Is my mlb.tv skipping or something? No, I think the score continues to change. Every ball seems to linger fatly across the plate. A little leaguer could hit Curt tonight. His first start back - 6 runs in 5 innnings. Now, in his second start, 5 runs in two. So far.

I think we need a serious investigation into everything involved in this year's pitching staff, from trainers to towells. I'm sick of this absurdity.

Shilling's last 2 outings are not inspiring confidence but I still feel ok about the other starters..

I'm more concerned about the bullpen's inability to hold a lead.

Curt got bailed out tonight at least. Now we need Seattle to help us!
All's well that ends well. There are many swell (?) endings to come.
May be time to make Curt, a set up man.
He wasn't too swift today, was he?
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