Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The Demise of the Despicable

Gary Sheffield has left the game with a leg injury. Will keep you updated as I learn more.

ok they're calling it a "tight hamstring"... not quite as serious as we would like. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though; they could be down-playing.

Edit 9:50 pm: Earlier this evening, Jeter hit into a bases-loaded, inning-ending double play. All for naught, as in the bottom of the eighth, juiced up Giambi hit a two-out, two-run shot to set up the save for the fruit-bat. yanks are now 5-10 against the devil rays this season. Oh well, lou still has tomorrow to make it up to us.

In the post-game interview, Gary Sheffield said his hammy felt pretty good because it was all iced up, and he would know tomorrow if it's fine. I'm hoping it'll be "fine" as in something that merely irritates him for the next month... (and this is not because he's a yankee, but because I find Gary Sheffield to be utterly contemptible.)

I'd like to note that sitting at Phebe's I called the double play to the ONE Yankee fan in the entire bar (who was, of course, sitting right next to me).

Of course it would have felt a hell of a lot sweeter if they had lost the damn game, but what are you gonna do?
oh well, finy. Nasty little fellas such as the yankees always get their come-uppins'...
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