Sunday, June 19, 2005


KY = Kevin Youkilis

Dear Mr. Youkilis,

Your son has informed Red Sox Nation (via NESN) that you frequently google him to read what people are writing about your son. I generally refer to your son as KY on this site. You probably don't want to google that, as you will probably end up with a list of references to a sexual lubricant. If you are interested in finding out what Reb Sox has to say about your son, you may want to bookmark this site, so you can come here occasionally and type "KY" in the very top search bar. That will give you all the references to KY on this site only. And I assure you, when I put KY on this site, it is always referring to Kevin Youkilis.

By the way, some people have been saying lately that KY is overrated. But not me.

KY is not overrated. KY always comes through in the crotch. I mean clutch.

Happy Father's Day, Mr. Y.
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