Saturday, May 06, 2006


Not Dead, Just Busy

And I thought last week was crazy. Sorry for the lack of action here; this week I've been stretched out thinner than a Kenyan marathoner on crack. I shouldn't even be writing this. I have to get running to Boston, where I'll be stealing one of Jere's $12 seats tonight. If you see me at the park, I'd advise you to not let on, or I shall force you to buy me a birthday beer.

Happy birthday B1
Happy birthday, Reb! Now we know why there was a near-brawl in the game--they were all uppity about who would get you a birthday brew.
Yes.... Happy happy birthday. And this line....."a Kenyan marathoner on crack..." is SNL material. Make your way to NYC after we win the game and let 'em know! Take care. And many more b'days to go.
Thank you! See, I did it for ya
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