Monday, April 03, 2006


Off and Running

The spring games mean nothing, yet still they've been building up like a lump on the back of my mind. I told my sis, as we watched Schilling blow balls by bats yesterday, how relieved I am to have it finally count... even if it only means it's okay to be upset by a loss. "Why?" she asks. "You can't take those games seriously. The real players aren't even in most of them past the fourth inning. The pitchers aren't even trying to get the guys out; they're just tossing their stuff." As if I haven't been saying the same things to myself over and over for the past month. It's all true... but by the twentieth loss, it's long past reassuring. I feel good about our team this year- actually I feel great about our 2006 Sox... but the line has not been helping, so to get out of the gate the way it happened yesterday was a salve to my sports-obsessed soul.

117 pitches? I heard it on Sportscenter last night and nearly feel out of my chair. I pay less attention to the "little" details like that when I'm watching the game with others. Dude didn't even seem like he was tiring. The only thing I'm worried about with Curt this year is what's gonna come out of his mouth, and who it's gonna piss off.

On the other end of the spectrum, the men I (along with the rest of RSN) am most worried about this season stepped up to the plate with something to prove yesterday- and came through. Mike Lowell went yard. Another big question mark in my mind is Alex Gonzalez, who was 2/4 yesterday, which looks a helluva lot better than some of the swings I saw him make. Papa Jack has his work cut out for him here, and even if he succeeds, I still will miss the OC (who btw went 3/5 yesterday with 2 RBI) but not Edgah (despite his respectable 2/5, 2 RBI) or Nomah (hi again, DL).

Reb Sox friend Jay from LA gave us the heads-up on that new Nomah injury in his comments of this year's opening of the Dodger blues. It appears the beloved blue-eyed Billy is faring well out there (2/4, BB, RBI) but check out these other ex-loves: (quoth Jay)

A few innings later, Derek Lowe thought it would be a good time to try out his favorite pitching technique: starting guys with a mediocre fastball right down the middle. Tim Hudson: base hit. Chipper Jones: base hit. Andruw Jones: home run. Note to Lowe: next time you want to tell people about your pitching patterns, tell your kids, not reporters. Note to Grady Little: If you're at all interested in silencing those who doubt your managerial style, you might want to consider pulling a guy when he's getting shelled. (Witness Bobby Cox, who pulled Tim Hudson in the fifth after he gave up four runs.) Nonetheless, we thank Grady for making our "Days until Grady Little leaves Derek Lowe in too long" countdown a success.

yeah. (Wonder why Jay doesn't have his own blog?) Looks like some things never change.

And while we're on the subject of ex-loves... Number three on the list of things people are sick of seeing on Sportscenter (#1: Barry Bonds daily (non)reactions to steriod allegations and #2: will Brett Favre make a decision by his (newest) deadline) is Clemens: Will he play or will he go, and where? I can hardly believe it, but I'm actually starting to get interested in this question. While clearly keeping his options open for whoever's got the best shot come June or July, Roger's comments look more and more calculated toward pulling the heartstrings of Red Sox Nation the way Werner's pulled his. (Via

"I can tell you that my two little ones are even warming up to that," Clemens said. "They're starting to make comments now that baseball season is getting under way. You can ask Deb, she had tears in her eyes watching the video they brought down, too. Boston is very special to us, no doubt about it."

Call me a sucker, but I'm honestly starting to believe that Roger wants to return. Don't get me wrong; I know he'll sign with the skanks if they've got eight or more games on us by June, but the Rocket is rooting for RED. (Let's not let 'im down, boys.)

This all added up to a satisfying opening day in rebville, which even prince purple-lips couldn't put a damper on. (Let the record note the "value" of Arod's 5 rbi = a game that would've been won by seven without them) So the skanks won, too, in high-flying colors... but may wish they had saved some of those runs for some of their lessor-able starters. Moose puts his elbow to the test tonight at ten.

Wake puts his flutter to flight at eight. is forcasting a light wind straight into home plate. (that's not a desirable direction, is it?)

Wind in Wake's face,
a better knuckleball makes. (That's pretty lame, but true.)
so as I suspected, this is the wrong direction. We need a wind change.
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