Saturday, April 08, 2006


My, How Things Have Changed

How sweet it is. Our boys are off to a bold start, and seem determined to prove right off the bat that they are quite a different team this year. I feel like I'm in therapy, watching the lead stay firmly in place through the ninth. How many points has it taken off your blood pressure?

Meanwhile the skanks are already reminding me of last year's sox. A scary lineup that doesn't always produce, an unreliable rotation, and a shaky bullpen staff... yikes, even the leadoff centerfielder that keeps hitting while everyone else flops.

He didn't hit anything tonight. And unless he gets a couple of grand slams tomorrow, I don't see any reason why the yankee fans won't boo him at the Stadium this coming week. Especially if he goes in "leading" the team to a 1-5 record. Even 2-4 doesn't look to good.

At the rate it's going now, the Sox will finish 95 games ahead of the yanks.
hey, I wrote that before the LA game. And that Damon comment was for my Johnny-lovin' readers, you know. The enclave would love nothing more than to see their boy stranded on base over and over and over again this season.
Let's hope Coco is OK. We should know much more today.
I'll tell you this, seeing Wakefield pitch the way he did yesterday and Foulkie pitch the way he has the last two times has many many, many points off my blood pressure.

Foulke had that old 'snap' back in his delivery yesterday. Me likey.
...actually it has TAKEN many points off my blood pressure. But apparently hasn't positively affected my typing skills at all.... :)
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