Saturday, April 08, 2006


Double Bonus

It's raining in New York this morning, and appropriately so for the three skankee fans paying attention to the standings. Clearly it's far too early in the year to play baseball for the bombers (including ex-bomber Wells).

My sis, being eight months pregnant with nothing else to do, is one of those three fans looking on in the middle of the night as her team goes down for a third night in a row. "Sweet," I told her yesterday, upon learning the skanks would be playing the Angels. "Orlando Cabrera's on a tear, and he LOVES to beat the yanks."

I wonder if the O.C. thinks about, when he plays those skanky yankees, the thousands of red-clad rooters pulling mostly for him. I don't mean Angels fans, as I'm sure you know.

I didn't know you were and are going to be an aunt yet again. Congrats to you and sis.....4:30 start today that I wish was a 1 o'clocker. Bye
New York beaten by a Cabby. I love it.
sam, is it possible you've caught my horrible-pun disease?
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