Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Hi Again, Mr.Youkilis

When asked what he will do for fun in his new city, Bronson said:
"I'll probably end up hanging out with [Cincinnati native Kevin] Youkilis's parents a lot," he said.

So Mr. Youkilis, if you're still googling for your son's name all the time, hopefully you've found this. Please tell Bronson we miss him, and the nation will always love him.

Seriously, Mr. Y. Hope you've figured out comments.

(As I wrote that sentence, Wily Mo struck out and in the process, fired the bat into the crowd, injuring some kid.)
At least he tried to make up for it in the next at-bat by going yard. The injured kid was probably not too impressed (as he was likely a yankee fan) but my niece was;)

and Mr. Youkilis, if you have indeed figured out comments, feel free to leave one. Even if it's to tell us that we don't write enough about KY.
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