Thursday, April 06, 2006


Good Morning

What can be better than a Red Sox win? Heh. You know. Once again I turned off the tele while the score was tied in Oakland. Once again I awoke to good news. via yahoo sports:

Cano was almost as helpful as the A's hitters, making two mistakes that led to five unearned runs.

Oakland rallied with three runs in the fourth inning, aided when Cano and Jeter both bobbled a one-out grounder. Cano initially kicked the ball but managed to toss it to Jeter, who couldn't catch it at the bag.

"I'm not perfect," said Cano, who made 17 errors as a rookie last season. "Some things are going to happen in a game. I don't want them to happen, but I'm going to learn from my mistakes."

"I took my eye off it a little too soon, but I've got to make that play," Jeter said. "Everyone is talking about our offense, but it doesn't win games. It's pitching and defense. We're not always going to hit."

Pitching and defense. (Like I have already mentioned today), a new way to win in 2006.

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