Saturday, April 08, 2006


A Long Walk with the Birds

Ever get bored by your own team's walks? That's what happened to Kevin Youkilis last night, before he even made it to the plate. After three had alreaady walked in a run, the "greek god of walks" refused to be a victim to Cabrera's justcan'tthrowastrike disease, and took the first pitch he got for a ride all the way to the warning track to get a real rbi.

In case you missed it, here's how the game went:

Sox up 4-0 after the first

7-0 after the second

10-0 after the fourth that point anyone paying attention on a Friday night in early April seriously needs to get a life. And I mean besides the one you live vicariously through Papa Jack. (And yes, I include myself in those comments.)

The first six innings last night was exactly what RSN needed to remember how solid gold Clement was for the first half of 2005... and then came the seventh, (lest we forget how the second half of last season played out.) Dude needs to work that shit OUT. Still, let's not forget how AMAZING the man looked for most of the evening, and remember he's suposedly our "#4" pitcher? (And as if David Wells is actually a "#5"- although apparently he looked like one, or worse, in his rehab start with the PawSox.)

Tito obviously wanted to get seven innings out of Clement, and stubbornly so, but the hit parade kept on coming and you've got to wonder how long it would've lasted without an eleven-run lead. After giving up a fourth run, we finally saw some action in the 'pen- and finally got that last out from Matt.

Of course, we all knew that was going to happen, that Seanez had to warm up early and then stand around as the offense tacked another three onto our lead. I wish I could pretend that was to blame for what happened next... the Sea*N*ez (as opposed to "shawn"ez, as I automatically read it no matter how many times I correct myself) got basted for six hits and four runs in what Tito was once again determined to get- a full inning. And once again, after the fourth run, Francona finally made the call over to the 'pen and surprised us all *AGAIN* by warming up Jonathon Papelbon.

I had been thinking that this would be a great game to get Foulkie into, to get him some work and take a look at his stuff. With a six-run lead, why waste the kid? It didn't take me long to think of an answer. I've noticed, and for good reason, that Tito is careful of who he brings in with runners on, and tends to shy away from Timlin in these situations, and also Foulke. Thing is, we could afford to give up more runs, but not additional damage to Keith's ego. With the suspension of Tavarez, the 'pen's a bit sparse right now, and Tito needed a fire extinguisher. I fully believe, had he needed to bring Jonathan in to get the last out of the eighth, we still would have seen Keith in the ninth. As suggested by BSM earlier this week, Tito's taking a slightly less conventional approach to the bullpen, at least for now, and will be bringing in his best arm in a squeaker, regardless of the inning, and apparently in this case, the score.

In "closing", Keith gave up a hit, but looked sharper than last time. For the record, put me in Francona's camp of high expectations for Foulkie this year. Right now he still makes me nervous as all hell, but I fully believe he's in the process of leaving his toubles behind.

I agree completely about Foulkie. He will be a very valuable addition to our 'pen, no matter where or when he pitches. Let's say he will negate Seanez in every way possible. Quick question Reb...I was here earlier this morning, and this post dated 9:10 last night, game night, wasn't on....what's up with that? And did you get your RemDawg Unleashed little package? Have a wonderful weekend.
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