Tuesday, April 11, 2006


He Loves Us

Papi describes to his new teammates why it's so important to him to stay in Boston:

Said Ortiz, "I told them, 'Wait till you play your first game at Fenway. You might need a diaper.'"

...sure would've come in handy for me while I was reading that quote.

I'm glad the FO did this - esp. seeings how Papi's the only FA that apparently made it clear he really wants to stay in Boston.

< /bitter >

And how pitiful is it that the skanks get to face the Royals for their home opener? Woo hoo! Dear Lord; wouldn't it be lovely to have them lose? LOL

Go Royals!
Go Royals indeed, but the Skanks did have to go out to the left coast for their first six. Although it must be nice to get that over with. Yanks lose...Sox win, just for today.
I still cannot believe that the FO had the balls to say that ... "Ortiz showed his interest in continuing his career with the Red Sox ... "

So, NONE of the other players we lost to FA/TRADES said this ... ever ...

Anyone recall Bronson saying how he wanted to stay ... and gave them the home team discount ? Anyone, Anyone ?

What about JD ... who let the entire free world know he wanted to finish his career with the beloved RS ... and also offered a home team discount ... URGH !

What about Millar ? Anyone, Anyone?

But, that's right, only our Dear Big Papi wanted to stay there ... and I am glad we had the brains to keep him !
Novy, circumstances are different for everyone you mention. Bronson...well, I'm still bitter about that trade, but it was a trade NOT a non-signing. Theo sees something he thinks we need in Wily Mo. Here's hoping he's right. He's the one who put the WS team together - not me. So I'm just going to have to get my jollies watching Bronson hit homeruns for Cincinnati.

Millar? Let me tell you something...I LOVE Millar. Hell, I started a fan site for the man back in 2003 - but he was done in Boston. He had a poor year in a contract year and he knew what was coming.

And Johnny? Give me a break. What kind of 'hometown discount' was Johnny going to take? I had friends at Spring Training in 2005 who heard his father telling everyone who would listen that he WOULDN'T take any hometown discount...and he didn't.

Dover over at Surviving Grady transcribed this quote from John Henry, taken from Natalie Jacobson's tv special where she interviewed the Sox:

"Scott [Boras] called me on the last night and said, 'We have something coming over the transim, and we need you to make the deal'. The last one I had heard was for 7 years and 100 million or something like that and asked what the new deal was. He said, '5 years for 13 million a year' and I told him we've never done 5 years and we're not going to. You can imagine my surprise when he signed for 4. People say we didn't respect him by not budging, but we never got a chance. We were lied to." - John W. Henry

Call me kooky...but I'm believing John Henry over anything Johnny Judas spews.
I sort of dole the blame out for the Damon situation in two laps:

1. Damon himself. The Sox extended him a fine offer. At least, I thought so. I foolishly thought that when Johnny said that he was intent on staying with the Red Sox for the duration of his career, he was being honest. Then, he turned around and stubbed a perfectly sound offer.

2. Boras, for sure. That jackassy agent is a snake. Players love him. Baseball brass and fans despise him. Why did Boras lie? Did he have some sort of stake in Johnny signing with the Yanks? It's all very confusing, but, Cyn, as you pointed out, Henry was given bogus information. And I believe him, too.

I think also that our front office situation was keeping itself up on shaky paws at the time. Theo was out (at least from a visibility standpoint) and attentions were scattered about, filling other holes. They did a great job convincing people that everything was perfectly fine, but I think that there was some panic going on, albeit controlled panic. They could have been a bit more tuned in to what was happening with Damon's potential offers, especially if they were serious about retaining him. Otherwise, the whole "what a surprise this was" attitude displayed during the press conference was a sham.

That said, I am so peeved at how Damon has been conducting himself lately. He's participated in, what, seven regular season games with the Yankees and he's the official spokesperson? Using the word "we" left and right when describing the team and how proud he is to be a Yankee - all that stuff sickens me. Now I know how annoyed all non-Sox fans were with him before.

Incidently, I am really happy for Bronson, too. Maybe this trade was a blessing in disguise for him.
You heard the quote that came from Damon two weeks ago, that he "had been born to wear pinstripes." Now we know what type of guy he really is....follow the money.
& in Da Bronx, Damon won't be an "Idiot";

He will be a blohole;

Papi's comment sounds like Tim Mc Carver in Mid-Season Form;

ok, how did this thread become a punching bag named Johnny Damon? Personally I can't fault him for following the money. Anyway, we've moved on, and in a great direction. Let's be happy for him and hope for his personal success in an arod un-clutch manner.
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