Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Juan Gone

I saw this last night, but was unable to find confirmation. Guess I didn't look hard enough. The spanish translation on Elephants in Oakland is funny enough to wonder if it's just a joke...

So the nickname sticks. Or comes back to bite us in the arse, I suppose... Is it legal to just desert a contract like that?

I can't blame 'im. Certainly he was not going to get too much playing time, especially since we've acquired our new toy from Cincy. We are suddenly a bit back-loaded in mediocre outfielders, me-thinks. We will start the season with Stern (whose first name we refuse to use today) and Wily Mo as our roster back-ups, and when Gabe gets back our young jewish-canadian will start doin' the ol' Pawtucket Polka (KY is teaching him the steps - and the fastest travel routes - as we write this). So yeah, we're all set, Juan. But thanks for stopping by.

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