Friday, April 21, 2006


Boring Batting

Last night we couldn't even help the Rays beat themselves.

Fitting, I suppose, that our first blowout is followed by a game in which we can get nothing going. A hum-drum game most of the way, and then there was the ninth...

Tavarez comes in and manages with just twelve pitches (and nary an out) to double the troubles on the scoreboard, and improve his popularity as a WEEI call subject. I suppose you're not in this to make friends, Julian, and that's a good thing since pretty much NO ONE likes you right now, unless you count the eighty or so D-Rays fans in the Florida panhandle (22 of them are wives of the players) or the three yankee fans who are paying attention. Not that those runs mattered in the end, of course, but still -

We needed a grand slam to tie, and a bobble by Wigginton, who obviously dips his fingers in buttercream in between innings, ensured the possibility. After the ninth innning heroics witnessed earlier this week, I doubt I was the only one thinking this might actually happen. And then it didn't.

I think it's important to note who got us out of that ninth inning. Yeah, that was our old friend Keith. Despite the aches he claims to have coming back, Foulke's been putting up some good numbers this year. Last night he needed just four pitches and two batters to make three outs. Maybe if we had him out there in the first place some less conservative base-running in the bottom of the ninth could have tied the game... but that's one for the coulda-shoulda-woulda pile, I 'spose, along with the second strong outing by Wake wasted by a pathetic show at the plate.

That's right, pathetic. Is there something wrong with our sluggers? I understand that this award is a poor substitute for what should-have-been, but let's not take it for granted. And Manny - it's a baseball, not a freakin' Easter egg; it's ok to smash it. I do believe you're starting to get your stroke back, man, but it wouldn't hurt to show us some proof, you know.

'Tis a shame to end such a pretty homestand on a low note, but buck up, boys! Beckett takes the mound across the border tonight, trying to tie big daddy Curt's four wins. As we enter our first series of the year in Toronto, let's cross our fingers and hope Rogers Centre is kinder to our players this go-around. So far the Jays are the only team we've lost a series to, and I'm ok with losing another one (I guess) if all our players come back from that dangerous place in one piece.

No one needs to hang their heads over the run total last night. Kasmir is a quality lefty, one of the best there is. He has been a Sox-killer for a couple years. We're not going to win 'em all, but I feel good for tonight with Josh trying to match the start of Schill. Have a nice weekend.
I feel bad for Wake who had another solid effort last night but was once again left hanging by his catcher and even more so, the Sox bats.

I know Bard is still learning how to deal with the knuckler, but when you get a man to swing and miss and then a run scores anyway because it's a past ball... Ouch, that's painful.
i'm so glad i'm not alone in still supporting the cause of keith foulke. perhaps still alone in my rabid crush on him, but at least not alone in wanting to see him do well. :)
And Beth, I felt so bad that Foulkie's knee pains have returned so soon after the course of the knee lubricant shots. It's painful to begin with, but the relief SHOULD last much longer with that type of knee meds. And we need him for 7th and 8th inning holds, because right now Tavarez equals Seanez which equals too many base hits/runs. Just my thoughts.
And Jere, maybe you know the answer to this tee shirt query.....There was a recent pic of one of our guys (forgot..) wearing a tee that said,"GOT MANNY?" much in the same vein of the "Got Milk" ad campaign. If you, or any of your fans know how or where that shirt is available, please post it here and let me know. That's an automatic must have for me. Thanks
For a second,(or maybe more) when I wrote that last question, I thougt I was at Jere's blog..forgive me. But the question still stands.
Peter- Kazmir has also been a sox-beaner. I'm amazed we got through that game with no HBP's. And a whole series v. the devil rays with no scuffles... and a whole homestand in april with (almost) no rain! Manny with no homeruns... we must be in an alternate universe, I've decided.

mr.b&w- that play hurt. a lot. but maybe I'm alone in thinking Bard's doing ok? It's a learning process, and it's not like Dougie caught 'em all either.

yeah Beth, I think everyone* still wants him to do well, although you might derive a wee bit more pleasure in it than most.

*except for Julian Tavarez, who probably doesn't like to be shown up like that.
I'm not really intending to bash on Bard, it is definetely a learning process and it seems like he improves with every outing... And I always feel bad for the guy when they have his post game interviews. He always seems so apologetic for the past balls. He's not going to become Dougie overnight.

The bigger problem is the lack of bats, especially for Wake, who is always going to allow a few runs on the board, but things will come around there too I am sure.
I was hoping for great things, as Ty Wiggington was AWFUL. He was AWFUL w/the Mets. He once got traded for Kris Benson.
Since a Canary, Known as "The Q", with a canary working for the Mets told him, Kazmir was into heavy drugs.

Test him for 'roids.
Come Saturday morn, and Beckett is a first time goat. My goodness, I'm glad I only watched the first 7 1/2 innings.
mr b&w- poor Bard. Someone should make him a video of Dougie's passed balls so he can feel a little better. Never helps to beat yourself up about things.

michael- a canary known as "the Q"? you lost me. are you sure the Q didn't mean other heavy drugs?

peter- it sure did seem in hand at that point, and I was drawing "I *heart* Josh Beckett" on my mental notebook.
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