Friday, April 21, 2006


A Few Random Notes

Warning: this is really stupid stuff that no one cares about but me.

So to clarify, even if you get Extra Innings in Danbury, you don't get the Sox because you're in New England, hence it's blacked out, which would be correct except that that PART of New England ISN'T ALLOWED TO GET NESN ANYWAY. It's horrible. Was sweet to be in NYC last night and have the Sox on 2 different channels!

Also, doesn't that make sister one the epitome of a yankee fan--to switch over to the Mets when they have a better record?
ooh thanks, jere, I was just correcting that when I saw your comment.

And about the sis (who is actually #3 in my family) in concept I would agree, but I really don't think that's the case with her. i think she just has come to like the Mets since her hubby likes them and always has them on. sista3 has always been easily swayed.
Consumate Bandwagoner!
Then, again, last year @ Shea, I met a guy who switched because he realized what a Roid Using Cheat Giambi is, as well as Sheffield.
& when FOX 61 is carrying "FOX Saturday Baseball" they go with the yankees, leaving Fairfield County, Triply-Screwed.
I thought about mentioning that, too, michael. Jere and I were expressing amazement the other night that FOX 61 has the nerve to advertise on NESN (via our extra innings feeds)
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