Friday, February 17, 2006


Sweet Caroline

I had the radio on yesterday afternoon as I was troweling venetian plaster (fun job I have, people. I know you're jealous.) and the first few notes of the next song brought a breeze in warmer than yesterday's already unseasonable air... the sun got a bit brighter, even indoors, and a smile grew large on my face.

As I danced, I saw the green of Fenway in my mind, felt the swell of fans groovin' along with me, and smelled the sausages... and all the while four words repeated over and over in my head:


That's tomorrow, folks. But most of the guys are there already, as anxious as we are.

What a great dancing with a trowel (?) in your work stained hands, delirious with spring fever. Ya gotta love it Reb!
I have been reading your blog for awhile as another Sox fan and I have to say I agree with you that those four words make you feel like Spring is here more than the date or the weather.
michelle I nearly forgot about you! glad you are as encouraged by spring training as I am... we both have a long time to wait before we actually see spring, don't we? But at least we shall see BASEBALL!
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