Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Scary Gary

Congratulations, Gary, the yankees "will probably" pick up your option for next year. Why is this news? Because the skanky right fielder is such a cranky little prick that he needs his every insecure feather smoothed over. Apparently having a contract for this year was not enough for his highness. Cashman had to personally stroke the dirtbag's ego to prevent a barrage of distracting and destuctive comments due to start yesterday and continue throughout the season.

Sheffanie may produce on the field, but his selfish and nasty attitude are intolerable. No doubt teammates must tiptoe around him, so as to not awaken the beast. Even though I resent it when he contributes a key homerun, I am glad to see the Shef in pinstripes yet again... he is ticking bomb in the clubhouse, exuding negativity all the while.

I don't like that our Manny is a prima donna, and yeah, I sure wish he was more of a team player, but at least he's not a raging a$$hole.

And how do you feel about AROD? I know from past "Rebisms" that Sheff is your least favorite player, maybe in all of baseball. I cannot disagree, although DORA is a close second. And to think he came so close to becoming a Sox guy. We'd all be in love. Or would we? Gee, it's these things that keep me awake at night. Not.
Sheffield is just what "Club Chaos" in the Bronx needs, signing him up for another year would insure pure entertainment for Yankee haters.
Yeah, but unfortunately, he hits the crap out of the ball.
er, yeah he does, peter*, the man is the embodiment of evil.

and to answer your other question, Arod is a wee bit too pathetic to waste my energy in hating. I kinda like to watch his sissy little stance at the plate, and the faces he makes (like a six-year-old) at the ump when he strikes out. His at-bats in the ALDS were particularly gratifying to watch.

And welcome to reb sox, san diego johnny!
Ah, precisely so. Manny's insane, and his insanity sometimes invovles him doing things that make me want to bang my head on the wall and scream hysterically, but at least most of the time he doesn't seem to be doing it maliciously. With Sheffield, you get the idea that everything he does is done out of the tarlike qualities of his evil little heart.

But that's just, y'know, my impression. :P
What I don't understand about Sheffy is how can stand there and be all "born again this" and "born again that," but be such a poor model of sportsmanship. He's a wacko. I'd love to yank every hair out of that stupid little mustache with a pair of dull tweasers.
yeah, that "born-again" part makes it so much worse. I bet Curt would love to put a muzzle on that guy; certainly not great advertising for the church. Nothing is more disgusting to me than hypocrisy.
With his attitude, The Yankess(As Per The Apology Sign Due to The Absence of Certain Prima Donnas in regards to the WBC) may notice the same attitude which he had, while playing Shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers, in that he dogged it.
Consider this: he's a blood relative of one Dwight "Medicine Man" Gooden.
Gooden is in The Slammer, for brutality to a woman.
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