Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Idle Chatter

Who cares where Manny is? Do we really have nothing else to talk about? Manny's a flake, but he's no Ricky Williams; we all know that by April he'll be ready to rake, most likely in red sox. Papi has been playing with the media, probably because it's too early for them to be so concerned... And maybe to give them something to write about.

With so many new players, we here at reb sox are glad to see an early turnout to camp. The World Baseball Classic will be cutting deep into the get-to-know-you time down there in Fort Myers, and every extra day helps. Although I know a lot of RSN sheds no tears over the departure of Kentucky Fried Kevin, between him and clueless Johnny we are losing the core of the chemistry previously pulling together the clubhouse. It's going to take a little while for all these new guys to mesh, but perhaps even longer for our team to find their identity.

There's been a lot of debate over whether this WBC thing is good for the MLB or not. When it was first announced last fall, the risk of injury to our players was at the forefront of everyone's mind. Of course the risk is highest to starting pitchers, and since we don't have any of those playing in the Classic, who cares, right? I like how Tito pointed out that this will give younger players like Pedroia a chance for more playing time. One of the best traits of our manager is his ability to put a positive spin on anything.

Despite all of its possible drawbacks for the team, we at reb sox are pretty excited for the new international tournament. After all, this means MORE BASEBALL. Sure, we would have the spring training games, but ya gotta admit they can be pretty lame, since no one really cares about winning them. March is a long and dreary month up here in New England, and any distraction is welcome as far as I'm concerned.

With nine days before the first spring training game, the nation tries to keep a grip on our anticipation with silliness such as the Manny search. But there's a lot of good news coming out of Fort Myers, too - like all of our early arrivals, and players who are happy to be here and hoping not to get traded. Spring Training will be productive and answer a lot of questions for us, despite the disruptions. And somewhere up ahead lies a hundred and sixty-two games to look forward to.

Good news also on the Foulkie front. He looked good in a side session, with zip that was not there last year. And without the zip, what good is his change up? The Sox wll be fine this year.
Manny's gonna be at Spring Training for one day before he trots off to the WBC. I tend to think that is, in fact, cause for concern.
Well yeah it is, Sam, and I'm not one of those people who can not care as long as he keeps up the numbers... at the same time I try to keep my expectations of him on the field so as to not drive myself insane. At least he cares enough about his country that he's probably ready to go -
I am exceited for the WBC. Its funny b/c for all the talk about this event, I am hearing tons of chatter about the potential for injury over the course of about 50 games, with many of the roster spots being non-MLB players. so it will be the equivalent of about 2-3 days worth of spring training games.

Sure there is the risk that a pitcher will dial it up a bit earlier than they are ready (Pedro is, in my opinion, the number one candidate to do so and pay the price), but I have a sneaking feeling that by the end of April we will hear far, far more soundbites from players who complain that because of the WBC they did not get their regular work in. For example, the US/DR teams will likely play 8 games over two weeks. Plus travel. Not a lot of time to get your normal reps in.

I can just imagine the littany of quotes from players "well, I got off to a slow start this year since I only got 45 ABs this spring when I usually get 60...."
Now it is said that Manny isn't going to the WBC at all. We shall see. And Sam, i don't think this is anything to be concerned about. he'll be in shape, and we know how hard he works in the batting cage. Also his outfield skills cannot be duplicated. You know what I mean.
Sadly, I don't care that Manny is late either. As long as he's on time for the games and produces, I'm not going to fixate on his tardiness for training. Also, he's been in regular contact with FO and Francona and from what I understand, there are more "family issues." So, I guess my point is, if they aren't concerned, why should I be?
well if they were concerned, would they tell the media? none of that soothes me at all. they don't have much of a choice, and they're trying to keep that as private as possible.

I bet from manny's side it's about privacy, as well. he knows the reporters & fans will be all over him, he knows by now that he won't get out of it by being shipped somewhere else, and he's putting it off as long as possible.

personally I think if manny's english didn't suck so bad, he wouldn't mind the attention so much. I think he can barely understand what people are saying to him and he's self-conscious about not being able to say what he wants in response, so he wants to avoid it altogether.
Manny is a tool. It pisses me off the amount of money he makes and the way he acts sometimes but let's face it, the guy is going to put up numbers every year so putting up with is BS is part of the game... I don't think I will ever get over the irony of Manny's desire to get out of here being continually sidetracked by the fact that he simply makes too much money for almost any team in MLB to seriously consider trading for him.
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