Monday, May 30, 2005


Pitching Well(s) Again - Finally!

I would love to have been a fly in Wellsie's glove to hear what he said to Francona tonight. Frankly I could feel his pain. 95 Pitches, 1 out, FIVE run lead, and Tito takes him out because he gives up a single. Maybe that was their deal... "you can go out there, but if you give up a hit, you're done." Maybe his velocity was falling (jere said the scoreboard showed a fastball at 86 in the 9th.) I confess, I was not paying enough attention at this point to see if his location was wandering.

Whatever it was, kudos to Wells for returning to form, despite standing my hair on end in the first. He's had some horror-flick starts this year, in fact most of them have elicited expressions on me that could rival an Edvard Munch painting (that's The Scream, for you non-art-lovers.) The ol' dog can pitch, though, and I knew he would come around.

And speaking of comin' around... whatever help Foulkie DID or DID NOT recieve in Alabama HAS WORKED. In three outings since his trip, Keith has not given up a hit. I am hard pressed to remember EVEN ONE outing this year pre-alabama in which he has not been hit. Can we send Alan Embree to Alabama next? (or just, um, get rid of him, PLEASE?)

I'm sad for Kelly, going 0-4 tonight. Hope he gets a big league hit before they send him down again. I wonder why they chose Wells for him to start with. The art of pitch-calling fascinates me... like a book I'm dying to read, but it's in another language.

Hey I'm not bitching after 2 big wins in the Bronx, but Mueller & Millar were also both 0-4. Meanwhile our international contingent went 11-15 tonight. Whiteboys had better step up & join in the fun, starting tomorrow; the O - no's are comin' to town. Let's make this a loooooong win streak.

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