Thursday, April 27, 2006


More People Triply-Screwed

It has recently come to my attention that citizens of Red Sox Nation in the Waterbury area of Connecticut have been screwed over for years. It seems that Adelphia Communications / Tele-Media Cable has REFUSED to get NESN for their customers, despite enormous grassroots support for the Red Sox in this area. I come into this information waaaay too late, as Adelphia has recently been purchased by Comcast, and the problem will finally be remedied in about a month.

I was talking to a guy about this last night who recently purchased the Extra Innings package so he could watch the Red Sox games. He specified to the cable rep that this was why he was ordering. She assured him that he would get all the games. Now he's pissed. I certainly hope they give the guy a refund- the rep either lied or didn't know what the F she was talking about. Since the Waterbury area is outside of Fairfield County, the only way to see Red Sox games is on NESN - either through satellite or your cable provider (who in this case does not provide). Last night's game was aired nationally on ESPN... but not in New England. Whoever that programming director was at Tele-Media- I hope king georgie padded that off-shore account of yours pretty well.

I have a co-worker who braves the 84 east traffic every weekday from Waterbury to Hartford. It's not a nice thing. And she's been denied her Sox fix for so long. She's even caught a few games here, on her way home from work. And that sucks. The only thing she wanted to do is get home from work, put her feet up, and watch the Red Sox game, in her OWN home. After work, where we work 'em pretty hard. But, as you said Reb, things will change, finally. Great post.
I absolutely love the title of this post. I mean... love.
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