Saturday, April 22, 2006


Garbage Game

We've officially lost our second series this season, both to those bastard blue-birds. Now to complete my deal with the devil, our boys must get through tomorrow's game with nary a scratch or bruise to behold. Also, I won't complain if we break off this losing streak at three, which is already the longest of the year.

Just when things seem so sunny and optimistic in the Nation, some damn flying creature comes and shits in your eye. Twice. And in between the two droppings, while ya can't see, nasty gray clouds roll in to take over the blue sky. And while the first was eased by the help of our dearly departed and now orange-feathered friend playing this weekend in the Bronx, there looks to be no such joy today, unless you count the misery on the faces of shivering skankee fans looking on...

ugh. I'll be going out to drown my sorrows tonight. Please, Mattie, tomorrow: don't make me wish I had never gotten out of bed.

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