Wednesday, March 08, 2006


He is Fast

Mr. Speedy (aka our own Adam Stern) just hit an inside-the-park homerun for Canada. Americans are almost as stunned as Canadians (er, the three that are paying attention) by the 8-0 smack-down currently going on in Arizona.

Later in the same inning, Captain shows 'em how a homerun really looks - a grand slam.

Ah, despite the 6-run rally, the USA falls to Canada. But I did get to hear my yankee-fan sister cheer for 'tek and yell about how awesome he is. Nice. But once again I must ask...Mexico beat South Africa tonight, so if the U.S. beats them tomorrow, and Mexico beats Canada (both seem to be reasonable scenarios, right?) WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

Reb - that would mean three teams with a 2-1 record. WBC tie-breaker rules state that it would then be dependent on the head-to-head matchups. Well, they'd all have one win in head-to-head matchups too, so then it goes to runs allowed in H2H matchups, and, failing that, earned runs allowed in H2H matchups. There's a 4th tie-breaker which I've forgotten (BA?), but if it goes beyond that, lots will be drawn.

OK, anal-retentive comment over ;-)
not anal, Iain; exactly the type of info I was after. Thank you. So if Mexico beats Canada tonight, it pretty much comes down to how many runs are scored by Mexico? If Canada loses 1-0 the U.S. is out. But if they lose 3-2, Canada is out.
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