Tuesday, June 28, 2005


A little late

It was lame of me to not post yesterday, if only to tell you this exciting news:
Sam has put in some serious time, and plugged the BpB numbers in for Jeremy Bonderman and Mike Maroth over at Roar of the Tigers. She's got charts up, and I love that she's doin' it. It's great to get some comparison.
And woah! I just went back over and billfer has produced a list of AL leaders in BpB?

Billfer, you mad genius, how have you done that so quickly? And could you please send them to me?

So yeah, I'm glad to see this is catching on... and feeling a bit bare in what I have for new stuff, but I want to let you know that the stats on the left are now up to date, which means yes, I have figured out how to post more workbooks and will do so shortly, which means the new detailed spreadsheets which are really fascinating, in my opinion.

I have updated the two charts on Indians pitchers Kevin Millwood & Cliff Lee. (As Cliff's promptly goes out of date.) And soon I will be posting a more streamlined definitive on BpB, just to make things a bit easier on people.

And yes, Bronson looked like he was going to cry last night, and I wanted to cry for him, but since he actually pitched to thirty batters, the numbers aren't that bad. His worst outing, 1.118, was almost twice as bad as last night, a .600. He just really wasn't catching any breaks, was he? Oh and Bronson, when I said you should go jam out, I didn't really mean the Avalon, right before the Yankees come to town. I can't really complain about the cool music show, as I am going to it, but just make sure this isn't a distraction, ok?

*cough cough*


Indians pitchers.

*shrug* It's the last night of the all star break. If the current rotation doesn't change, then he won't pitch until 3 days after the show. If he goes to the pen, who knows.
wow Sam, my editing has been pretty lax lately, eh?
thanks for the catch.
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