Saturday, June 25, 2005


You all must think I'm slacking

I've managed to get ONE of my spreadsheets up, or my man has... As soon as I figure out how to reproduce this, I can update the data, and also put some other spreadsheets up. As I warned, the data on the Sox spreadsheet is not very detailed at all. I guess I didn't realize at first how interesting this data would actually be. So that will have to be rectified eventually, but the spreadsheet I just did on the league leaders is very detailed, and I'm looking forward to putting it up. Keep your eyes open for a link to it in the next few days.

In the meantime, I can at least give you the charts and averages.

# 1 Wins AL Jon Garland 12-2
Chicago White Sox
average .404
best 5/1 .129
worst 6/15 .667

Yeah, I know, these aren't as big... click for larger version. I'm trying Blogger's snappy new pic upload, 'cause it's just a lot faster, and I've got to say it's pretty cool.

#1 Wins NL Dontrelle Willis 12-2
Florida Marlins
average .360
best 4/13 .129
worst 6/8 .581

Some of you may be curious about this one:
#1 ERA NL Roger Clemens 1.51
Houston Astros
average .318
best 4/13 .120
worst 6/5 .542

#1 ERA AL Kenny Rogers 2.46
Texas Rangers
average .414
best 5/14 .233
worst 6/22 .917

#1 Saves NL Chad Cordero 25

Washington Nationals

best 5/24 0/6

worst 5/31 6/6

#1 Saves AL Bob Wickman 20

Cleveland Indians

best 7x 0/3

worst 4/6 1.86

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