Saturday, May 28, 2005


There's always Tomorrow

So I guess the sweep is out. shocking. Thanks a lot, "Captain Cheese." By now I'm sure we've all lost count of how many games we've lost this year by long-balls off Embree. Look to jere for more details on why he shouldn't have been in the game in the first place.

Honestly, it's ok, I care much more about tomorrow & Sunday. please, please, puh-leeze win those games.

so, looking on the bright side as usual, Mark Bellhorn only struck out once, he walked twice & got a hit. Can't seem to slide into home properly, but at least he knows how to get on base. Plus, I've always thought Bellhorn was pretty cute, but he seems a little cuter lately. The hair... love it a little messy-long, but methinks it may need a trim soon? Sure hope he's not trying for Samson locks like Damon (ick.) Moving on...

Jay Payton is a serious player. Not that I would have him replace any of our starters, but he sure is a start-worthy guy. Tonight he went 2/3 and robbed Jeter of a nice hit. It was a pretty play on a ball that almost always drops, but Jay, charging hard, lays his glove down on the ground and the ball just plunks right into it. beautiful.

Now our new boy Edgah is really in his groove, 3/4 & a walk. The YES broadcasters always seem a wee bit behind the times with their comments. ("after signing a big contract... Renteria has really been struggling to adjust") This tends to confuse me... I can never decide whether to laugh at their stupidity, or be offended by their arrogance. I compromise by calling them pompous idiots. clueless pricks. Blind, self-satisfied georgie-worshipping fools leading an equally blind mass of gray, black & white clad half-hearted yet over-confident followers to bow at the gold-plated idol, the highest-payed player in the history of baseball, Prince Purple-Lips. Really, I could go on all night about the insufferable Micheal Kay and his lackeys, and you could, too, if you have to listen to them as much as I do.

So really, the good news is that honest abe takes the mound tomorrow, and not only will I be watching it on FOX, but if I manage to make it to the train on time tomorrow I won't even be able to hear the ill-informed announcers over the roar at the Riv. So I guess I'd better finish this off & go to bed, eh?

Bad, bad coaching. Horrible, in fact. What a waste of good hits. I exhausted myself posting yesterday, so I am adopting the "today is a new day" attitude and putting full faith in Matt.

The sunshine will turn things around. It has to.

Enjoy watching the game in the cit-ay.
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