Tuesday, May 17, 2005



Among the many things available on Yawkey Way, I saw a sticker on the 8th of May proclaiming "Yankees still Suck." At the time I shook my head at the sticker, thinking, "No, this year, they really do suck." Unfortunately, nine games later, I am feeling the sticker.

In the back of our minds, we knew this tear would happen. It doesn't mean we have to like it.

The worst part for me is who's hot. Tino Martinez seems like a nice fellow, but he is the favorite of my sister Beth, if only for the song they introduce him with. I do not care for getting Tino updates from my sister. If there are updates to be made in this area, I would rather be giving them. So Tino, pul-eeeeze, let me see some strike-outs. How about a douple play or two? Even an infield pop-up could bring me some joy at this point. This chick does not dig the long ball while you are wearing that uppity-pinstriped uniform.

Giambi Update: 1/4 last night, improving to a whopping .204 batting average.

Personally, there is nothing I would like better than to see Steinbrenner and Cashman suffer under flames from their cavalier spending sprees. I cheer Jason's decision to scoff at minor league assignment. My greatest hope is that Giambi will continue to sputter, but show some promise. I salivate at the thought of a trade, where the Yanks get stuck with a great majority of Giambi's salary. Oh, my heart might leap out of my chest with joy over such news. Then, since there is something vaguely sox-worthy of this dirt-bag-steriod-coverboy, I would like to see him back on his game once again. After all, he has worked hard to make up for his rapidly shrinking head. He seems rather sincere in his desire to succeed fairly. If he can shed that putrid uniform, I will be greatly pleased by any success he might have.

Meanwhile, Steinbrenner plans to continue his spending sprees with a
new stadium. By reducing capacity from 57,478 to 50,800, Georgie plans to raise ticket prices. And maybe he can actually fill the place more often. The sinister part, of course, is that he gets to use the MLB profit-sharing funds. You know, the funds that are supposed to be there to help small-market teams compete with the likes of this same evil empire. Leave it to Georgie to figure out a way to get his hands back on the cash he feels he has been unfairly parted with.

Regardless of what we've been seeing lately, the yankees still suck. I think the "yankees suck" cheer is ungraceful and unworthy of the mouths of the proud Red Sox Nation, yet let it be so.

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