Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Edgah Arrives

Yes, I saw it with my own tired dying-to-close eyes: Edgar Renteria crunched a very clutch hit last night. And for those of you who were good and went to bed on time, you missed a beautiful thing. He was not at the plate long enough to fully analyze, but hitting the first pitch like that showed the confidence and aggression we have been waiting to see from Edgah. I'm all for taking your pitches and makin' em work out there, but watching Edgah do it this Spring has been a little disturbing. Is it just me, or has he looked bored and figity at the plate, as if he was just putting in his time & couldn't wait to get back to the dugout where not so many people were staring at him? Last night he showed more purpose.

The real Edgah has finally stood up. Yes, I realize he's been hitting a bit better for awhile now, but a key, ballgame-winning hit like this feels different to me... And I bet it feels different for him, too.

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