Friday, May 27, 2005


It has to get better from here right?

Wondering where I've been all week? Just think about how badly the sox have been stinking it up in Canada, then imagine between the constant rain and my car and other personal battles I'm currently embroiled in... my week's been about as horrid as my team's.

But the wind, I hope, is achangin' and even though a dark stormcloud rolled up and started pouring down on me just as I was getting out of the car here at home tonight, I start my weekend with the glass half-full.

After all, Renteria's finally hitting.

Maybe we'll be weilding brooms by Sunday night, and maybe my bro-in-law will follow the fine and respectable example of A-rod, and maybe I'll win the lottery or wake up tomorrow ten years younger... you never know.

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