Sunday, May 22, 2005



Last night, my father noticed the Red Sox game on our channel guide, and flipped to it. It was a blank screen. He asked me why?

Having been through the gammit with the cable company & MLB, I told my Dad that MLB has deemed Fairfield County as exclusive NY territory, and Red Sox games are blacked out here, even if you have a dish. The only way to watch the sox on tv here is to buy MLB extra innings, or watch on the tiny box on the computer, like me.

I thought nothing of it, and then today I was opening up MLB.TV & asking Jere how his Star Wars gig went down, when he told me he was watching on TBS, at his NYC apt. Now, wouldn't you think that NYC would be exclusive territory of NY? hmmm.

Jere e-mails that his friend is getting it in Danbury, which is in Fairfield County. So now I'm feeling a bit cornered and confused. I call my cable company.

The woman feels my pain, but tells me that MLB has directed them that NESN owns the rights in this area, AND YET also per MLB, cannot be broadcast in my area.

I called MLB and left such a long pissed off message that I got cut off at the end when I was giving my phone number... so I probably won't be hearing anything back from them.

Then I remember:when I was in NH, NESN was blacked out when the games were on TBS. Uhm, why is it that TBS owns the MLB rights to this game in Dover, NH, New York City, Danbury, CT (that's ten minutes from here) - but NOT here in Newtown, CT? NESN OWNS IT? BUT MLB WON'T LICENSE NESN TO BROADCAST IT?
What kind of bullshit is this?

My Hagstrom map of Fairfield County doesn't have Danbury in it, so I would guess that Danbury is in another county.
interesting, barb... mine DOES, as well as New Fairfield, but not New Milford. I had always understood (from what people have told me) that as the line.
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