Monday, March 20, 2006


Singin' Sad Songs...

I was so happy for Bronson yesterday. but that was then. Who knew such a stellar performance on the rubber would be his sexy leg-kick out of town? ::Arroyo's agent raises hand::

Lovers of the leg-kick have been nervous ever since the contract was signed. A long-term contract is meant to ease concerns. It's supposed to imply security and committment between a club and a ballplayer, and this one did... the commitment of a ballplayer and security for the club, that is, and not the other way around. His heart was in the right place - He wanted to keep Boston as his home, and was willing to take a hit for it, both in money and playing time. That's how much he loved us.

I think we all know from life that sometimes when we love we give too much... and when we give too much, we're liable to get kicked around, taken for granted, or tossed out in the cold. In his eagerness to stay and play for the Nation, Bronson made a miscalculation. He was too generous with his hometown discount. He signed so far below market value that his contract became coveted throughout the league, and it was only a matter of time before an offer was made that could not be refused.


We'll miss you, Bronson. We'll never forget that you're gone because you loved us TOO much - ever the irony here in Boston - and we hope you know that we loved you, too (and as one of the 25, always will.)

Bummer. See ya Broyo.
Exactly right. He was undeniably the most attractive guy to other clubs. And Wells does not have anywhere near the same value in trade-ability.
Arroyo should have demanded a trade right after signing the recent deal. That might have earned him some staying power with the Sox.
excellent point, WCSG. No one would have offered anything good for him if they thought he was forcing a trade. 'course I'm not sure how believable that would be immediately after taking such a hefty hometown discount.
Even better. Everyone would have thought he was crazy. No one would have wanted him. Ah, hindsight.
Loyalty is a word unknown in this RS FO. Thank you Bronson, for everything - you'll always be one of the 25 - you'll always be a Champion. Good luck in Cincy, where I hope you are appreciated, dump all the extracurricular garbage and become the pitcher you can become.

Like the 'sexy leg kick' reference -- LOL, that is a sexy leg kick!!!
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