Thursday, March 16, 2006


Aww, Johnny...

Is your shoulder bothering you AGAIN?
From the NY Daily News via Joy of Sox:

Damon said he was "not really sure" when his shoulder started bothering him this spring, but the timing could sprout into an issue since the Yankees were reluctant to send their stars - Damon, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez - to play.

Team USA manager Buck Martinez said yesterday that "Damon's been conservative with his throwing the whole time here. He hasn't thrown much. We haven't done anything here that's affected Johnny Damon."

But Damon apparently told his friend Jason Giambi that Team USA was "trying to speed them along" in drills to get into game form, Giambi said yesterday.

"I think I just need to, when I start throwing, save my bullets right now," Damon said. "I was stretching my arm out, trying to build it up real quick for this tournament. I just need to back off. It's something that comes and goes, but if the season were to start today, I'd definitely be able to go."

King Georgie's up in arms, of course, and blaming the "injury" on Bud Selig, when we all know it's Rogers Centre that's to blame, if anything. The Yankees chose to ignore what we in the Nation knew in our gut to be a career-nagging injury. Not that Johnny's a bad ballplayer with a bum shoulder - not by any means. In fact if his value at full strength is $13 million/year, I'd say his value with a constantly sore shoulder is still around $10 million. Boy, those numbers sound familiar... Where have I heard them before?

I saw that news, and I admit I may have giggled vindictively a bit. I know he'll probably be fine; it just felt nice to have our justification for not signing him at those numbers verified so early in the year.
between that and Pedro's sore toe, our FO's starting to look pretty smart... kinda like we expected. It's not that I want these guys to have injury issues... but yeah, I did think they would, and I do like being right.
//King Georgie's up in arms//

I'm not sure if that was intentionally funny, but I'm laughing out loud.

Poor Johnny and his boo-boo. I hope his friggin' arm falls off.
I can't say I'm surprised Johnny has a shoulder ailment, but I can say I am surprised it is SO SOON. Especially when he really hasn't done anything yet... I like what some people have said that maybe Johnny knew all this and joined the skanks and got all their money instead of putting it on the Sox. Sort of "Secret Agent Johnny Damon" infiltrating the enemy and sacrificing himself for the good of RSN .. :)
I wonder if Giambi has some "Stuff" to help Johnny?
Cyn- I sneak these in there sometimes, yes, but this one was unintentional. nice catch;)

JTT- aha, the ol' secret agent theory! I'm just thankful we've had so many positive reasons to consider this theory lately.

michael- indeed, I'm sure he does. he's a good teammate like that. He better not ask Shef, though. Everyone knows that Gary is not sharey.
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