Friday, May 13, 2005


Why the new blog?

Welcome to my new sports page. I started a blog to have an outlet for my crazy love of professional sports, mostly football and baseball. I keep close tabs on my teams and generally have stuff to say about it, which no one I know really wants to hear because usually they don't know (or care) a wit about what I'm saying. Perhaps someone out there in the ethos does, but that's not really the point... Really it's just satisfying to express whatever I'd like to say on these matters as if people actually know what I'm talking about.

So when I started my original blog,
Faux Shui, that was my intention. Among other roadblocks, I ran into a huge problem almost immediately. A friend of mine, Jere, linked to me immediately. Traffic! Now how could this be a problem? Um, jere gets quite a lot of traffic on his site, and I just wasn't ready for that. I was just getting my feet wet!

So, knowing I would have to link to other Sox blogs, I started making the rounds and figuring out who I might want to include. This immediately began to make me feel rather insignificant, and also as if I need to be a part of what seems to be somewhat of a conversation.

And so I started blogging away and thinking this was really great and all... And then I smoked some pot and came to my senses. (yes, this seems contrary to reason, and yet this often happens to me. I get really excited about something and then I smoke some pot and realize that I'm acting like an idiot... Or I struggle with a problem and see no way out, then I smoke some pot and immediately come up with several possible solutions.*)

I realized that I wasn't being myself; that I was trying too hard to please too many people. I realized that I needed a separate blog for sports. I realized that as interesting as my traffic stats are, I don't really care about them; I just want to have a voice, and I want it to really be MY voice. So here it is, and if you like it, let me know... And if you don't, well, no one's holding a gun to your head to make you come back.

*I do not mean to promote the use of an illegal, although commonly used substance on my blog; I am just being honest. I hate to think some teenager might read this and think marijuana will inspire the solutions to all their problems. There are other side effects of this drug which can be much more detrimental. And if any police are wondering, I do not sell, nor do I drive under the influence of said substance.

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